April 14, 2011

VIDEO teaser KoOk

video teaser our animation
for the next chapter, we will publish the real short animation 
so, wait!!!

Animation Poster TITLE : Ko.Ok

Hello there,for this topic we introduced to you poster of our 1st animation project.
For starting, we start our project with a short animation called “K.O,OK” .Below you can see a banner design

April 13, 2011

hey MR BOLD!!! watch out dude

this is our second character meh...

who's this guy?
aiyaaa...so suprise ma

next chapter, we gonna explain about the synopsis of the story...
so, please wait meh~~hehehe..

~CHUM is FUM Studio~

Who's MR. JACK??

hello guys...
in this chapter, we're introduce the character of our animation project

Who's this?

who's this guy??
if u wanna to know, wait for the next chapter...DAAAA

~CHUM is FUM Studio~

Introducing CHUM IS FUM

~~~hey guys~~~~
how are you?
WELCOME to our space...

what is it?


    CHUM IS FUM was established at 8 March 2011.Chum is Fum inspired from one of the scene in Spongebob Square pants cartoon series.In that episode it shows about a creative marketing plan can create a great opportunity.

Chum is Fum studio stand with “exaggerated simplicity” as our tag line/ideology.Our studio creating some animation project such as trailer, short animation and etc.

We also provide other services such as designing corporate design,re-branding,commercial ads,poster, banner, business card and etc.

For starting, we start our project with a short animation called “K.O,OK” .
So, if u guys want to know what is our project, let's follow our blog and we will update soon.TQ